Hi all,

Since I know how much you all love reading my (usually) weekly blog, I am giving you the chance to be privy to even more of my vast insight. Here is a collection of the best research papers, literary essays, theses and critiques from my college career. There are also a few blog posts I’ve written for other sites. And there are–surprise, surprise–a lot of themes dealing with gender. Read to your heart’s content!

I’m so nice, I’ll even give you a key so you know what you’re reading:

  • Literary analyses are in purple.
  • Essays applying communication theory to the modern media are in blue.
  • Rhetorical criticisms are in red.
  • Blog posts not concerning the Outside Girls are in green.
  • Articles (thus far unpublished) I’ve written are in pink.
  • And my one, very opinionated position paper is in orange.

I hope you enjoy your journey into my undergraduate brain!

Connections to the Past in “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”

The Narrator’s Roots in “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”

The Irony of Affection in “To Da-Duh, in Memoriam”

The Narrator’s Identity in “To Da-Duh, in Memoriam”

Inconsistently Rated: The MPAA and Blue Valentine

Motherhood as a Blend of Second and Third Wave Feminism in The Snapper

Revolution or Submission?: Gender Stereotypes in Sex and the City

Politics as a Joke: Parody and Persuasion in “Really? With Seth and Amy”

Personal Responsibility in Eleanor Roosevelt’s “The United Nations as a Bridge”

Lady Astor’s Moderate Stance in “Women in Politics”

Contraception as a Medical Necessity in Sandra Fluke’s Congressional Testimony

Women Finding Their Place in Female Friendships: A Content Analysis of Bridesmaids

Complex Female Friendships: A Content Analysis of Parks and Recreation

Destroying the Nuclear Family: An Ideological Criticism of Arrested Development

Genderlect in Fun Home: How Sex Roles Dominate Discourse Between Alison and Bruce

Visuals, Emotions and Irony in Persepolis

Too Close for Comfort: Girls and Relational Dialectics

Living Media Marathoning

The Hungary Games: How Marathoning Can Be Diplomacy

Media Marathoning Patterns: Why I Keep Watching the Same Types of Characters

Liking Criminals, Understanding Cops, and Craving Change: Cultivation Theory and the First Season of The Wire

My Body, My Choice: Why Abortion Should Remain Legal

“Only Connect” Gender Binaries: Queer Characterization in Howards End

Not Quite a Blast: How Mansfield’s “The Garden Party” Tries and Fails to Revolt

The Hard Times They Are A-Changin’: How Sissy Jupe Represents the Shift in Victorian Gender Roles

Five Books to Read Before College

The World of Arrested Development

These Girls Are Alright

(Image courtesy of  kristarz.wordpress.com)

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