Protection vs. Freedom: Third Wave Feminist Goals and Methods

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If you ever want an articulate and precise argument, go to a philosopher.  A good philosophical argument will leave you intrigued, rather than confused, because it will define its terms clearly.  This argument about why the methods of Feminist Egalitarianism and Christian Complementarianism both boil down to Chivalry and Patriarchy is a good example.  Andy Rogers defines his terms as system, goal, and method.

A system is the context in which you are working–the facts that you are assuming to be the case for the sake of addressing a specific goal. I hope that goal and method are self-explanatory . It is generally better to first start with goal and system, and then figure out the best method for attaining said goal given the system.

Using this model, I will lay out the groundwork for my own feminist philosophy and standpoint, while heavily disputing Andy’s claim that Chivalry and Patriarchy…

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